Garden Birds

Since moving to Rayne I’ve never seen so many different wild birds, certainly not since my childhood anyway. Garden birds have definitely declined since I was a kid apart from the Sparrow and Blackbird, at home in Rayne though and with some encouragement in the form of bird food, there’s been plenty to see. This summer I hope to get a chance to photograph more, for the time being here are some shots taken through the window, not great I admit! It was difficult shooting through the window and in low light.

Circa Fall Draws to a Close…

It’s a shame but inevitable and I guess you’d call it ending on a high note! But is it time to hang up the guitar? Certainly not! From the ashes of Circa Fall arise a new band, new members, new sound and a new path., we’ll have a name change and introduce new material to the set list.

The name ‘Engine’ for us means the many components which must work together with precision and perfect timing, complementing one another to produce power and sound. Add a spark and you hear the roar of a well-tuned V8, which sums up our sound completely. Tight, dynamic drums, thundering bass, guitars dripping in tone and a new talented vocal presence that’s fresh, edgy and adaptable.

You can expect more high energy, sweat soaked, fist pumping covers we’re renowned for. We’ll keep playing songs that others don’t but you’ll still know, keeping it new. However, now you can also expect some of the classics for you old skoolers!

So come on, grab a beer, get down to see us, you know you wannit!

Then new incarnation is named Engine- click to see the new site.

Our Facebook page:


Rivenhall Airfield

About four or probably five years ago when I joined my band Circa Fall I made a visit to Rivenhall Airfield… Why? Because we needed a backdrop for a photo shoot, I wanted it to be decayed, derelict and grungy. After some Googling I came across some urban exploration sites of which I’ve already blogged about and this little place came up a few times. I made this trip a few weeks before I made the ill fated visit with the band and took a few odd shots here and there just so I could so the others what I was trying to achieve.

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RC Nitro & 2 Stroke Cars – New Toys!

BajaIn an attempt to get my lad into something other than the curse that is his Xbox console, I decided to take a gamble and spend some cash in the world of remote controlled cars, buggies, truggies and Baja's… Baja I hear you say? Yeah me too, it's actually pronounced 'baha' just to add to the 'what the hell are you talking about?' thing. My thinking was not only would the driving be fun but the maintenance and aftercare would teach him something about engineering at least. I'll fully admit though that this is something I've wanted to try for a long while too, so yeah, it's a toy for me also.


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The Moon…

Fantastic full moon this month! So bright… I've not had the chance to get my camera out much lately, just been far too busy. However this shot was easy enough to take from the back door without the need to travel etc, just an opportunist shot!

The camera was tripod mounted of course, the longest zoom lens I have is a Canon 50-300mm so not really enough to get real close up and personal. For the geeks, here's the EXIF data:

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